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About us

VFT Engineering Surveyors

Currently provides a comprehensive range of engineering and surveying services to projects in the construction and mining industries throughout Australia. We use only high precision Leica and Trimble total stations, GPS, UAV’s, Scanners and digital levelling equipment. Survey calculations and reductions are carried out using 12d, AutoCAD and Liscad survey software packages.

Services include:

  • Structural, concrete and steel works
  • Bridges
  • Rail formations and track work
  • Building and infrastructure projects
  • Drainage and underground services
  • Road works and earthworks
  • Machine control and management
  • UAV Video and quantity surveys
  • Scanning and data reductions
  • Quantity calculations
  • Concrete or asphalt paving
  • Dam construction
  • Survey control
  • Survey management
  • As-Constructed surveys and reports